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Home Safety and Spy Cam

  • News from Joe at Our Warehouse

    I wanted to update you on several items that are out of stock. Remember,
    any orders placed for these will be reserved and shipped first once the shipment arrives.

    Items and ETA’s are:

    80346 - Mace Bear spray ETA: 7/15/2015 (plenty of BR-9’s available)

    80405 - Mace Pepper Gun Black with Strobe Light ETA: 7/14/2015

    RUNT-GREEN - RUNT 20,000,000 volt Stun Gun Green ETA: 7/31/2015

    RUNT-PINK - RUNT 20,000,000 volt Stun Gun Pink ETA: 7/31/2015

    DS-FLOWERPOT - Flower Pot Diversion Safe ETA: 8/31/2015

    39032 – Silver Taser C2 Gold Kit ETA: 7/17/2015

    VA-6000T - Voice Alert Transmitter ETA: 9/11/2015

    I hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend.


  • News From Joe at the Warehouse

    Here's an update on a few products.

    The RUNT-BLK (20,000,000 volt Black Runt) is currently out of stock until 8/31/2014. Any orders for this item will be reserved and shipped first once they arrive.

    The DS-DESENEX ETA was updated to July 31st.

    The Mace Pepper Gun - 80405 (Black with Sport Strobe) and all instructional fighting DVD's are back in stock. All backorders have already been shipped.


  • News from the Warehouse

    A quick note on the status of a few products.

    The DVD-FASTFURIOUS (Bresler Fast and Furious Street Smarts) and the DVD-ISRADV(Mamen Israeli Connection  3 DVD Set) are currently out of stock until 7/22/14.

    The DS-OREO (Mini Oreo Cookie Diversion Safe) has been ***DISCONTINUED***

    Joe at the warehouse

  • Product Status Update

    News from the warehouse:  Great news!!! We just got our shipment of Lipstick Stun Guns in. The Hidden Cameras just arrived, too! Any reserved orders for the below items will start shipping today. All backorders will be shipped by Monday, 7/21.

    SM-LIPSTICK-P (Lipstick Stun Gun 3,000,000 volt Pink)

    SM-LIPSTICK-PUR (Lipstick Stun Gun 3,000,000 volt Purple)

    HC-CARKY (Car Key Hidden Camera with Built in 8GB DVR)
    HC-PEN (Pen Hidden Camera w/4GB DVR)
    HC-WATCH (Watch Hidden Camera)


  • Cell Phone for Protection

    Crime is raging in our country. It seems like innocent people are being attacked more frequently than ever before. Our story below could be about any of us.

    Judy lived in the city, just a few blocks from work. She liked to get to the law office early, and she enjoyed the walk, using the time to clear her mind before starting her day.

    She had become just a bit nervous about walking streets that were virtually empty in the morning.
    So, Judy bought a Stun Gun. She had seen them being advertised on the Internet and decided to buy a Cell Phone Stun Gun. When it arrived, Judy found it looked just like a regular cell phone, and came with a holster and a belt clip. Well, she thought, nobody’s going to take a second look at a woman walking down the street with her cell phone in her hand.

    One morning as Judy walked to work a junkie jumped out from behind a Dumpster and began
    yelling, demanding her purse. Judy put her hands in the air as ordered, and, as she did, she turned off the safety on her phony cell phone. She grabbed her purse with her other hand and tossed it just beyond where the criminal was standing.

    As the junkie bent down and picked up the purse, Judy pushed the Cell Phone Stun Gun into
    her attacker’s back and pushed the button. Bam! thousands of stunning but non-lethal volts of electricity slammed into his body. As her attacker lay disabled on the ground, Judy took out her real cell phone and called the police.

    Judy’s fellow attorneys always wondered why she carried two cell phones. Now they know.

    Be Alert. Be Safe.

  • Protection From Dogs

    Have you ever been outside your neighborhood, maybe jogging, and suddenly a dog runs toward you, low to the ground, all business? What do you do? You could pick up a rock or a stick to threaten the dog. Or maybe you are carrying a walking stick which could be used as a weapon. Of course you have your pepper spray. Good choices - some better than others. Let me offer an alternative; a Stun Gun. Really,  a Stun Gun to subdue a dog? Why not - we know that extremely high voltage, ranging from 100,000 volts to 7.5 Million volts, coupled with extremely low current delivers a stunning but non-lethal attack on the nervous system of the assailant.

    We also know that both of the Stun Gun's electrodes must be in contact with the person we are trying to subdue. None of us ever want to actually come that close to our attacker, although we are prepared to do so if necessary. But a dog? First of all, if he is attacking your legs, you won't be able to reach him, and if he is attacking your face, your instinct is to throw up your arms in a protective way, and forget the Stun Gun!

    Introducing the STUN BATON, available in fixed length and telescoping models, some with a light and an attention-getting alarm. Some models are electrified the full length of the metal part of the baton to prevent your attacker from taking it from you by grabbing it or ... well, biting it. Ouch! The Baton's length puts some distance between you and those teeth.

    As a dog lover, I hope never to have to spray or shock one, so in addition to pepper spray I also carry, when I'm in an area where I may encounter a dog, a telescoping stun baton. So far, dogs have been frightened away by the sparkling, crackling sight and sound, without my having to touch them.

    Our recommendation is to always have pepper spray and stun guns available wherever you are at all times. Be Aware. Be Safe.


  • About Pepper Spray

    Pepper Shot® Pepper Spray has been one of the best selling pepper sprays for over 10 years. Pepper Shot is a 10% concentrate of oleoresin capsicum and is rated at 2 million Scoville heat units and made with a very fine grain that is more effective than the coarser grains of most other pepper sprays. In addition to causing an attacker pain, pepper spray swells the mucous membranes, which makes breathing difficult, and swells the veins in the eyes, causing the eyes to close. These effects last 20-30 minutes and cause no permanent damage.  All sprays have locking actuators for extra safety.

    If you are attacked, draw your pepper spray and fire a stream into their face. This can be done while remaining a few feet outside of their reach; a major benefit in escaping an attack. Hold the pepper spray close to your body. You usually see people use pepper spray with the arm fully extended. This may give the attacker a chance to grab the pepper spray or deflect your aim. Keep it closer to your body and fire into the eyes of your attacker. You can adjust your aim as you are firing.

    After firing your pepper spray into the attacker's face, back up, if the attacker follows,  spray him again. Even if they are under the influence of drugs, the defensive spray will temporarily blind them and make breathing difficult.

    Remember, the aim is to escape, not to fight or to stick around and punish the attacker. He may have accomplices or he may have a hidden weapon. So, spray the pepper spray and then run away. You can buy pepper spray almost anywhere you live, except New York. Buy pepper spray in half-ounce for purse or pocket, two ounces for auto, and larger for home.





  • How Stun Guns Work

    How Stun Guns Work

    A stun gun is an electrical self defense weapon that uses high voltage to stop an attacker. Pushing the two electrodes (prongs) into the attacker's neck will stop him quickly. Because the high voltage carries a very low current (amperage) there will be no permanent or serious injury. However, the energy in the high frequency pulse immobilizes the attacker by causing the muscles to work very rapidly. But because the pulses travel throughout the body, the muscles spasm and lose efficiency.

    A contact of about one-half second can startle the attacker, delivering some pain and muscle contraction; one to two seconds can cause muscle spasms and confusion;  more than three seconds can cause loss of muscle control and balance. The attacker becomes disoriented and confused. Two or three seconds may seem a long time when in a physical struggle, but every person is different and will react differently when stunned. One may be down in three seconds while another could take five seconds.

    Stun guns are available in assorted sizes and voltages,ranging from 100,000 volts to six or seven million volts. The higher the voltage the better. The person using the stun gun will not feel the electrical shock coming from the stun gun to the person being stunned. The effect is localized to the area in contact with the prongs. Even if you or the attacker is wet or standing in water, you can not get shocked by the stun gun.

    Stun Guns are legal in most states. Click Here for a short list of states and cities which prohibit stun guns outright or have restrictions on their use.

    Be Alert. Be Safe.
    copyright ed aslinger 2013

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